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Education is an ever-changing field, and it’s important to know the latest trends. Michael Jag Consulting was founded on that principle: To provide education leaders with industry knowledge about education in order to prepare tomorrow's leaders for their future careers!

President & CEO of Michael Jagoditsh Consulting LLC.

Value Driven Consulting


I am a Certified TSDS Training and Support Vendor through the Texas Education Agency. I have served educators, administrators, and schools across multiple sectors of education in my state for over 10 years!

Maintaining a professional tone of voice while adhering to the district’s mission and vision will help you accomplish both state compliance, as well as fulfilling your duties.

The pursuit of excellence is a cause that you should support. Support the next generation by providing student-centered services and educational opportunities for school administrators in Texas to make sure they have every tool possible to succeed professionally, socially, academically, and emotionally!


Through innovative work, I strive to make a difference by providing administrative support services that help Texas schools. I’ll provide data quality training and networking opportunities so teachers have the tools they need to be successful in educating our future leaders.

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